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ΓΥΡΗ ΠΕΥΚΟΥ powder 250gr 250gr

ΓΥΡΗ ΠΕΥΚΟΥ powder 250gr
ΓΥΡΗ ΠΕΥΚΟΥ powder 250gr
ΓΥΡΗ ΠΕΥΚΟΥ powder 250gr
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ΓΥΡΗ ΠΕΥΚΟΥ powder 250gr
ΓΥΡΗ ΠΕΥΚΟΥ powder 250gr
ΓΥΡΗ ΠΕΥΚΟΥ powder 250gr
ΓΥΡΗ ΠΕΥΚΟΥ powder 250gr

PINE POLLOW powder - The super food of the 21st century


It is a complete nutritional superpower with over 200 nutrients

Contains almost 100 types of enzymes & active substances, over 20 amino acids, 14 vitamins (D3), 30 minerals Nucleic acids, Quercetin, Resveratrol, lecithin, cellulose, unsaturated fatty acids, flavonoids, choline, MSM, SOD early stages of vegetation. Brassinosteroids: "plant growth regulators .." Two of them are the mechanism by which the liver safely removes xenobiotic substances. They have strong anti-viral effects and unique anti-cancer effects.

It is a rare natural source of Testosterone, DHEA, Androsterone, Androstenedione


TESTOSTERONE: What we know (and science knows) is that less testosterone means less life. Low testosterone is becoming more common today. Fatigue, weakness, depression, decreased sexual desire, decreased bone density resulting in bones becoming brittle and prone to fractures, are often symptoms of falling testosterone levels.

Testosterone increases strength, endurance, muscle mass, libido etc.

DHEA: when administered to experimental animals had the effect of extending their lifespan.

Improves sexual mood and experience, especially in women. In men, decreased DHEA levels appear to be associated with decreased erection.

Decreased levels are observed in people with hormonal disorders, HIV, AIDS or Alzheimer's disease, with inflammation, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, depression, etc. Drugs such as corticosteroids, birth control pills and various psychiatric drugs reduce its levels.

ANDROSTERONE It is a pheromone that is thought to be responsible for creating increased attraction between the 2 sexes.

ANDROSTENEDION leads to a rapid increase in muscle mass and is therefore very popular with bodybuilders.


 Its REDUCTION over time brings negative and destructive results for the energy, vitality and prosperity of body and mind, as shown in the following diagrams:


Refresh yourself with the wonder of nature


Advantages of PINE POLL

According to Chinese medicine, pine pollen enters through the five great meridians, the lungs, the kidneys, the spleen, the heart and the liver. It is adaptogenic and works exactly where your body needs it, while helping to prevent degenerative conditions.

. Increases glutathione and Reduces DNA mutation

. Contains phenylalanine, which acts as a natural antidepressant

. May increase immune and endocrine function

Βοηθή To help reduce the size and adjust the prostate

. Great for skin and hair. Protects the cardiovascular system

. Provides real anti-aging action that reverses the signs of aging

Επίσης Also contains a steroid that acts against breast and prostate cancer

 Recovery from injuries and assistance in the production of antibodies, enzymes and hormones

 It can lower cholesterol, stimulate liver regeneration, is anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic etc.

The natural decrease in testosterone as we grow older can have serious consequences for both women and men, such as:

• Decreased libido and sexual drive

• Increased rates of depression, bad mood, etc.

• Muscle loss, increased body fat, etc.

• Rapid signs of aging

Pine pollen is a rare source of phytoandrogens that offers great hormonal support to both men and women. It raises testosterone levels in the blood and balances the ratio of androgens to estrogens which is the key to maximizing health, longevity and well-being.

Prescribed in China to help with immune disorders, fatigue, asthma and boost energy and well-being. Helps excrete excess estrogen and speeds up metabolism to help burn excess fat (eliminate male gynecomastia). Considered one of the beauty tones for women, it instantly improves the tone and flexibility of the skin, nails and hair. Many of its compounds support both elastin and collagen.

Pine pollen is used by women to fight high levels of estrogen that does not discriminate between the sexes. This imbalance of high estrogen and low male hormones is associated with various conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, weight gain a.k. It is important for women to maintain healthy testosterone levels, especially as they enter menopause.

Due to its natural testosterone it is an excellent supplement for bodybuilders & athletes to increase endurance, strength, physique, eliminate fatigue and those who suffer from the effects of menopause and menopause.

Increases the frequency and strength of morning erections, which are a key sign of men's health and vitality. If taken before drinking alcohol, it can prevent alcohol from damaging the liver. If taken afterwards, it can help detoxify and repair the injured liver. Offers relief to the drunk headache.

The protein content is 2-3 times higher than that of eggs, iron is 20 times higher than that of spinach, carotene is 20-30 times higher than carrot. When the nutritional profile of pine pollen is compared with that of bee pollen, the fatty acid content of pine pollen is 3 times higher and research has shown that the nutritional profile and bioavailability of pine pollen is higher than that of bee pollen.

Pine pollen contains iron, copper and protein. It can promote hematopoietic function and increase red blood cells. It can increase about 20% of red blood cells, so it can effectively treat anemia.

It has a function similar to aloe in regulating gastrointestinal function and constipation.

Its dietary fiber has important functions for cleansing the intestinal tract. Helps prevent colon cancer.

With a little water it can become a cream to be applied directly to the skin for eczema, acne and diaper rash.

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