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SUMA Root Powder 250gr

SUMA Root Powder
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SUMA Root Powder

Suma root has been used by Brazilians for centuries as a tonic, aphrodisiac, and as a treatment for diabetes, ulcers, and wound healing in general. Recently, Suma-containing products have been released for muscle growth and treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. Scientists have discovered 3 main active ingredients in Suma: pfaffic acid, phytosterols mainly β-ecdysone and pfaffosides (saponins). Beta-ecdysone is a natural phytosteroid hormone that has been found to enhance the biosynthesis and absorption of proteins. Trace elements, germanium, allantoin and various vitamins, minerals and amino acids were also found. Traditional use and modern scientific studies have shown that the use of Suma root can lead to increased endurance, stress resistance, enhanced immune function, accelerated wound and fracture healing, reduced cholesterol levels and increased protein synthesis. nitrogen retention, which is why it is a popular food for athletes. It can help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure

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