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ACAI Powder Organic Freeze Dried 125gr

ACAI Powder Organic Freeze Dried
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ACAI Powder Organic Freeze Dried

Our cold-treated lyophilized acai powder for zero nutrient loss is a popular healthy food. The warriors in the Amazon had to eat it before going to battle. Acai is considered to have the highest antioxidant value of all foods, thanks to its high level of anthocyanins. It contains 19 different amino acids. It contains calcium, iron, vitamin A, traces of vitamin C, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, polyhpenols, anthocyanins, phytosterols and has more antioxidants than red wine, blueberries, or pomegranates. Promotes weight loss because it increases metabolism Increases energy, endurance and reduces fatigue. It helps fight heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. It strengthens the immune system, improves the digestive system and constipation. It will reduce the effects of aging, improve vision and increase sexual drive.

A 2006 study by the University of Florida at Gainesville found that Acai killed 86% of leukemia cancer cells.

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